Visitor Information


Please stop by the office first whenever you visit our campus. This is important at all times. We use the district adopted Raptor program to scan your driver’s license and then a personalized visitor’s badge will be issued to you. The first time you do this you’ll need to bring your state ID. The office staff will process your application for the Raptor. Next time you arrive to volunteer, have lunch with your kids, or meet with a teacher, you check in at the Raptor computer station in the front office.

No one should be on campus that does not have a permanent AISD ID, or a Raptor ID tag. Please know that the school office will not release a child to anyone other than those individuals listed in our data files. Parents/guardians must notify us  if there are changes to this list or approved relatives, friends, and neighbors who may transport your child to or from school. Any individuals who pick up students from school will be asked to provide identification to verify their identity.



You are always welcome to visit the campus and enjoy lunch with your child! Please remember to check in at the front office. Please arrive on time to order with your child and his/her classmates. Ask your child's teacher for their lunch time.

Please report back to the cafeteria with your child in time for their teacher to pick them up with the entire class.