Gifted & Talented

Widen proudly offers a gifted and talented program.  


AISD GT logoGT services include instruction by a teacher with the appropriate GT Foundations training within a cluster grouping model (small group of identified GT students within the general education classroom). Students have a GT Learning Plan based on their grade level.  Parents/guardians of identified GT students at the elementary level should expect a GT Student Services Summary each semester completed by the teacher.


Is your child gifted and talented?

  • Did your child start talking (and never stopped talking) before most other children the same age?

  • Does your child have a lot of curiosity, ask a lot of questions about all kinds of things one after another?

  • Does your child give complex and detailed answers to questions (even simple questions)?

  • Does your child have a wide range of interests? Does he/she enjoy trying new things?

  • Does your child get lost in his/her own world and become so involved that she/he isn’t aware of anything else?

  • Does your child often have unusual ideas and give logical, reasonable explanations for events and occurrences?

  • Does your child pay close attention to details, is highly observant, and does not miss a thing?

  • Does your child notice likenesses and differences between people, events, or things?

  • Does your child come up with powerful, persuasive arguments for almost anything?

  • Does your child show empathy and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others? 

  • Does your child show an awareness of problems that others don’t notice?

  • Does your child worry about the world, other people, and/or the environment?


The GT nomination window is currently open

Parents can nominate their child here. Nominations are due by October 7th.